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Engine CoreRISP

Explore your databases faster and build better, faster AI models.

Based on the well-known data mining paradigm CRISP-DM we have built.

CoreRISP is a result of the experience of dozens of real-life AI and Machine Learning projects. Combined with our advanced research of advanced mathematics and computer sciences.
We have built a powerful algorithm suited for AI and machine learning productivity.
Our engine uses state-of-the-art research in mathematics and computer science, so you will not have to.


  1. Create a human-first paradigm for training machine learning models.

  2. Speed up computing power.

  3. Reduce server expenses.

  4. Update models in near real-time. 

  5. Turn experiment run time to compilation run time.

Using our special engine, we build AI solutions for you to master.  

So how does it work?

Our engine can process huge data and sample a small portion of the data without hearting the statistical properties of the data.

Meaning that by cleaning, exploring a small part of the data, you can be sure that the same is true to all the data.

This allows top-notch cleaning of the data, exploring it fast, and performing modeling and experiments faster than ever before.

We attach the engine to custom-made data pipelines and GUI, turning any domain expert into an AI wiz without writing a single line of code.

Human-In-the loop has proven itself to be highly effective, now add real-time modeling to that, and you get instant insights and predictive capabilities.

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Changing the machine learning training paradigm

AI training should be intuitive to you! Not the other way around!!!

Nowadays training AI require you to be a computer science expert.
We know that the right way is for a computer scientist will build a system for you to train your own AI data and problem. 

We imply Human-In-The-Loop Real-Time Training of AI. After years and dozens of projects in Machine Learning and AI, how have come up with our process that maximize success .


we stand on 100% success rate

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