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Is Data science difficult?

Updated: May 18

Is Data science difficult?

Data science has been tracking a lot of attention in recent. The potential of using data science and Artificial Intelligence to analyze data is the fuel of the next industrial revolution. The question remaining is how hard it is to join the “party.”

Which kind of skills needed to be able to practice data science? In this article, we will discuss the barriers to entering that field are.

It is common to split the background knowledge need data scientist into three:

1) Computer skills/IT skills – This is a relatively “easy” demand. Computer skills such as SQL and scripting are starting to become “common knowledge,” and a relatively larger portion possess those skills. The data issue is that it goes with big data, and if your IT skills are not good enough, every stage of the work could take a long time.

2) Domains/Business knowledge – While this sounds easy, finding a good analyst who knows to ask the right question and not just answering them is rare. This skill requires you to know your data better than anyone. This is a very domain-specific demand which is hard to generalize to many domains.

3) Math and Statistics – Well, this is a super difficult demand. Even the basic algorithm requires understanding linear algebra and calculus at the university level. Course, most of the people, overlook or underappreciated in their first year of university.

An additional need of math, or better yet “scientific” thinking, is to design good and correct experiments with the data. One comes with a thesis or idea of what can be done with the data. Creating an experiment or simulation to prove it is not an easy task, usually not even taught at a career stage.

A true data scientist is considered to have all those skills together, that is a true unicorn in the job market out there, and even then, he will fit only one domain.

The paradigm must change. A mathematical plus IT team will build the data channels for a domain expert to analyze, clean, and teach the computer independently from the other traditional skills.

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