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Take your decision-making to a new level.

When making a financial decision, you need to be first. 
Be the first to detect a trend, and act!
Regular machine learning solution are not fast enough for high frequency trading (HFT), typically HFT depend on rule-based decision system so the can be computed fast.

Here enters CoreAI engine, bringing you fast paced real-time modeling with minimal latency.
Want to go even faster? Check our hardware-based engine accelerated by FPGA, for people how must be the very first to decide. 

Interested in fraud detection, use our engine to analyze huge streaming data and adapt to new trends and detect frauds easily.

Be first to detect and decide first

Build your own models - Preserve your secrets

Easily analyze trends, anomalies, and frauds

Our Solutions 

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds
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