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Your Fast-Track to Cost-Efficient AI Transformation

From Initial Vision to a Proven AI Solution

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Established at 2018

More then 5 years of pioneering AI solutions and services

100+ AI Models in Production

Successfully integrated into production, enhancing business operations and decision-making

30+ Happy Customers

A growing list of satisfied client, testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and impactful results.

6+ Startups Enablement

Enablement a path for growth, with startups successfully raising fund and scaling their operations.

Extend Your Team and Capabilities with an AI Team as a Service:

AI Transformation

Consulting and implementing measurable and valuable AI solutions.

Leverage your organization's data to address unique business challenges and drive innovation.
Experts in leveraging LLM’s and prompt engineering into an automated end to end solutions.


Empower your Analysts to build AI models

CoreControl enables your data analysts and domain experts to autonomously derive insights and build AI models directly from your organization's data. Our platform is designed to facilitate effective data exploration and empower your team to operate within a rapid trial-and-error environment. 

CoreControl is a comprehensive MLOPS platform:

  • Accelerating AI models creation

  • Preserving your Intellectual Property

  • Maintain your models in production

Cost Effective AI Development

Research support, head start for initiatives and project development.

We are at the forefront of the data-centric approach, leveraging our algorithmic expertise to create highly effective AI models. 

Trusted by Leading Brands:

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Clients Experience

Read about our leading industry clients experience

Nessy Turgeman



CoreAI has conducted research project on few business questions using our database. CoreAI approach of problem solving allow us to use our data expertise, while CoreAI handled the machine learning process. This collaboration was the key to finding insights in our data. I can happily recommend CoreAI as an AI solution provider. Their process allowed Powerfleet to get into AI and Data science quickly, without the overhead of creation of in house Data Science team.

Rotem Tzuk


VP R&D a 634 AI

As we were building our robot, we found out that computing a route and navigating is taking us a long time.
It got to the point where our system could barely be useful running one robot when our goal was to run a few simultaneously. Within a short time, CoreAI reorganized our data structure so computing a route was dropped from dozens of seconds to less than half a second, changing the customer experience. I would recommend any company that has a computation issue to hire CoreAI.

About and mission

Bridging the Gap Between AI and Humans



Our mission is to make AI accessible to everyone, eliminating the need for advanced computer science expertise.

We are a team of AI experts, specializing in machine/deep learning. With our scientific background, we deliver superior results in less time and at reduced costs.


Customized AI Paradigms:

Tailored to Your Expertise

We build AI paradigms customized to your needs, allowing you to train yourself using your domain expertise.


Expertise and Experience:

Led by Industry Leaders

Our team is led by a Technion lecturer and an AI researcher with over 15 years of experience in solving problems using algorithms. They have a background in Israel's Elite Intelligence forces (8200), academia, startups, and the hi-tech industry.

Contact us

Contact CoreAI today and embark on a journey to redefine your financial institution's future with AI.


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