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Your home for AI Projects

Utilizing our infrastructure, a broad core knowledge and experience, we develop AI pipelines for various challenges.

We specialize in developing mature AI models in less time.

About Us

Our mission is to bridge the gap between AI and humans. Making AI accessible without the need to be a computer science expert.

A team of experts in machine/deep learning and AI. 
We have developed an algorithmic engine that guarantees better results within a shorter research time while reducing expenses. 
We are building AI paradigms customized to your needs to train yourself, bringing your domain expertise. 
Led by a lecturer in the Technion and an AI researcher with more than 15 years of using algorithms to solve problems, in Israel Elite Intelligence forces 8200, Academia, Startups, and hi-tech Industry.

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Our Solutions 

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds


Client Experience 

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Nessy Turgeman




CoreAI has conducted research project on few business questions using our database. CoreAI approach of problem solving allow us to use our data expertise, while CoreAI handled the machine learning process. This collaboration was the key to finding insights in our data. I can happily recommend CoreAI as an AI solution provider. Their process allowed Powerfleet to get into AI and Data science quickly, without the overhead of creation of in house Data Science team.

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